Basak Androleesh

Basak is a very intimidating presence to behold, standing well over a head above most other people, and armed literally to the teeth, Basak gets fearful glances everywhere he goes.


Basak is a 6’8" tower of a creature, covered in dark green scales, and a number of steel plates that he has strapped to his muscly skin. Basak yellow eyes seem to glint with a hungry determination, and a sharp intelligence, uncharacteristic in most lizardfolk. He has a mouthful of sharp teeth with metal caps covering a few of his more prominent canines. His body bears dozens of scars, one of which cuts across his milky-white left eye. He has large double headed mace strapped firmly to his back, a fair sized long bow at his side, and a number of other hidden weapons on him.


Basak Androleesh spent most of his life in the shadow of his ancestors. His great grandfather was an infamous pirate lord, as was his grandfather. His father was a merchant sailor who turned the family name into a (somewhat) respectable business. Basak was always pressured by his brood-siblings to follow in the footsteps of his father, and his fathers father, and his fathers fathers father. He dreamed of coming out of the towering shadows that surround him, and ammassing his own fortune, so Basak trained to become a great sailor himself, learning his way around a ship while serving on his fathers for over 5 years. Eventually, as a birthday present, his father dropped him off at port peril so that he may join his own crew. His grandfathers dire flail in hand, Basak made a b-line to the nearest tavern to offer up his services as a crew member to whatever sort of captain would accept him. Basak glanced at the name of the tavern. ‘The Formidably Maid’ he thought to himself, ‘such an odd name’. Basak sat down heavily at an unoccupied table, and as soon as he did, a man sat down across from him. “What brings you to town big guy?” asked the slender man with a stiletto knife strapped to his leg, and a monkey on his shoulder.

“I seek a job” Basak said in his standard raspy voice, eyeing the stranger oddly. “Don’t suppose you would happen to know a captain who requires an extra pair of hands?”

“If they are hands like yours, I happen to know quite a few my friend…” the man gazed at Basak’s claws with more than a passing interest. Almost looking a little nervous.

Basak took it as a compliment, he was glad this man seemed to fear him; “Oh? I don’t suppose you might be able to introduce us?” Basak said, leaning in a little closer.

“You will meet them soon enough, have patience. In the meantime…” the man paused to grab a flagon off a passing waitress, silently slipping a powder into it, “let us drink!”

Basak smiled, oblivious to the mans transgressions, and grabbed the tankard from his hand and downed it in seconds. Seconds after those seconds, Basak slammed his head into the table with a resounding CRACK, completely out. “Are you sure about this?” asked a muscular man who walked up to the snoozing lizardman.

“Yes I am sure, even if he resists, that drug will last a few hours after he wakes up, if he is too much trouble, we can just kill him.” the slender man said as he stood up, and reached for one of the lizardmans huge arms, ready to drag him away.

Basak Androleesh

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