Boothroyd Madmantle

"Serious? Boyo, the day you see me being serious will be the last day any of us ever see."


Boothroyd Madmantle, aka Boothroyd “the Foolish”
(Themesong: Dark Cloud 2 – Moonlight Tango)

Alignment: CN
Race: Half-Elf
Class Levels: Snakebite Striker 1

Boothroyd is a tall, lanky young man with blue-grey eyes and a wild, tangled mop of brown hair atop his head. He seems to always have a cheeky grin plastered across his rather angular face, and a pair of pointed elven ears lie half-hidden underneath his hair. A single golden tooth gleams when he smiles.

Boothroyd is somewhat of a prodigy when it comes to feats of acrobatics, and seems almost more comfortable walking on his hands than his feet, sometimes.

Boothroyd dresses in a manner reminiscent of a clown or jester, always bedecked in colorful outfits decorated with all sorts of bells, tassels and ribbons. As well, he is rarely seen without his face painted in a clownish manner.


Boothroyd’s story, at least as much of it that can be trusted, is a sordid tale of countless pranks and crimes against person and property. According to him, he joined a street gang at a young age and stayed with them for some time, but enigmatically claims they parted ways due to a “scheduling conflict” and refuses to discuss it further.

After that, he “went solo” for a number of years, causing all manner of mischief and mayhem and managing to rack up a respectable criminal record of things like “Disturbing the peace” and “Criminal misuse of cheese”. He is… not well-liked among law enforcement, but most people consider him more of a nuisance than a threat.

Overall, Boothroyd appears to be the type of person that never takes anything seriously, and is prone to playing pranks and cracking wise at the most inappropriate of times, even in pitched combat. However, he has proven himself to be unusually loyal for someone of his disposition, and in the criminal underworld is known for his surprising reliability on the job, despite his unconventional methods. Recently though, his climbing bounty has made life on land a tad… dangerous, and now Boothroyd looks toward the sea for new adventures.

Boothroyd Madmantle

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