Moro The Magificent

"Who needs a silver tongue when willing servants are merely a spell away"


Enchanter specializing in mind effecting and illusion.


Raised in Riddleport by a lesser noble family, Moro received the finest education during his childhood. frail from birth, he took to his studies vigorously, particularly the study of magic. Soon he stood a head above his peers, using the arcane arts to manipulate people to his whims. It was only years later, near his 19th birthday that his mother admitted he was the product of an affair with a particularly dashing air elemental(these things happen it seems). Besides explaining his general weakness it also cost him his noble title. cast out by his father.
Moro vowed to build a name for himself that would put his former family to shame. He went south, getting by on magic and using his ability to predict the weather to aid farmers with the harvest. . Eventually he managed to find an apprenticeship under a well known explorer and archaeologist, Gerald van Himmler. he spent the next 3 years begrudgingly serving him as they trekked across the fierce jungles of the continents. He eventually began to look up to the Van Himmler, one of very few able to resist his subtle attempts to manipulate him. Together they made many wondrous finds, Moro persuasive abilities helping many times to convince the native to reveal their relics.
this was not to last however, as Van Himmler caught some strain of jungle virus 2 weeks into their 4th expedition. Needing urgent medical treatment, Moro decided to risk the shackles. leaving Van Himmler at the least run down inn he could find, he searched the city for a healer. It took several hours, but he finally found one both semi sober and not missing too many fingers. quickly agreeing to his price, he dragged the man back to the inn. but when he returned Van Himmler was gone. when questioned, the innkeeper claimed he had left on his own with a strange look on his face.
Despite several weeks searching the city using less than law abiding methods, Van Himmler remains missing. In his depression, Moro turned to drink. Perhaps he drank too much however, as he awakens far from the inn where he had been.

Moro The Magificent

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