Ronan Ormanda

Merfolk - Ranger


Ronan is a young man and is from the Shackles area. He is 5’10" and weights about 145lbs. With Brown hair and Hazel eyes he is not to hard on the eyes.


Ronan’s father was a Ranger. Ronan was interested in the Magic items his father had and used. He would take some and more than not have issues with using the devices but started to get the hang of them. He was even training to be a Wave Warden but he was more interested in Material things than his community. He started watching for Pirate ships attacking merchant ships and was fascinated with the ships and the men that sailed them. He would search the ships as they sank for loot and wanted more. He also dreamed of Piloting a Pirate ship some day perhaps even his own. Ronan convinced the Captain of the Wormwood that he would be an asset to him in the sea being a Merfolk and all. Especially since the Captain just caught him trying to steal loot from a ship he just captured. He thus became a member of the crew and he was grateful considering the other throat cutting choice the Captain offered him.

Ronan Ormanda

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