Takeo Lau


Born to a rich family Takeo Lau was in line to be the next admiral in the Imperial Navy. His methods were ruthless and unorthodox often resulting in the complete annihilation of enemy ships. He is cold calculating, ruthless, and above all else effective. He presents himself very respectively when in company of superior officers. His ship is outfitted with the finest cannons the imperial navy has to offer. He himself chooses to use pistols or swords in combat as there is no honor in killing a man when you cannot see the fear in his eyes before death.

He was sent by the imperial navy to scout out distant lands. His navigator fell ill and his ship became hopelessly lost. His crew either dying of disease or being shot for attempted mutany. He drifted into the port of the shackles. He did not understand the tounge of this strange land and although he was very learned in language had a difficult time communicating with some. He finally found a tavern where he hoped to find a new crew so he could sail back to his home country and report what he had found.

The tavern dwealers were nice enough they took his money, bought him drinks, and were struck in awe by his black and orange armor. He did pull a pistol on one soul when they tried to touch his armor in a gesture that he took for trying to steal either his weapons or his gold. Either way the man fled in a panic.

Takeo Lau

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