• Basak Androleesh

    Basak Androleesh

    Basak is a very intimidating presence to behold, standing well over a head above most other people, and armed literally to the teeth, Basak gets fearful glances everywhere he goes.
  • Boothroyd Madmantle

    Boothroyd Madmantle

    "Serious? Boyo, the day you see me being serious will be the last day any of us ever see."
  • Fáelán Angelle

    Fáelán Angelle

    "I was born on a ship. Only right I die on one."
  • Moro The Magificent

    Moro The Magificent

    "Who needs a silver tongue when willing servants are merely a spell away"
  • Ronan Ormanda

    Ronan Ormanda

    Merfolk - Ranger