Yo Ho Ho fuckers

Bad luck

I’ve never considered myself to be particularly unlucky, but after what’s happened I may be changing my opnion on that. I sat down for a drink after searching for a ship that was taking on crew, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the hold of a ship a day out of port. Not the best start. I’m not the only new crew member, of course. There’s some clown, Boothroyd I think his name is, a wizard, and a lizard man. The wizard’s name I’m not sure of, Mara or something, and the lizard everyone calls Scales.
p. I was set to being the cook’s asssistant, despite trying to tell them that I’m not mch of a cook, and the first job I was given was hunting turtles. It didn’t go over well when I brought back a meager haul, and I got thrown into the hotbox. What fun. Well, at least I got the chance to sing without being interupted. And someone was kind enough to slip me one of my daggers. Adam’s his name was.
p. I spoke a bit with the wizard while I was in the box, but otherwise the rest of the crew left me alone to sing and sweat. And that night, well, that was certainly interesting. I watched the wizard take a few of the other crew at dice, and Scales crushed someone’s hands. Won quite a bit of money and a scimitar from him, too.
p. The next couple of days went by easily enough. I spent the day with Kroop helping in the kitchen, and got the chance to look around a bit. Found some gold the first day, and a dagger that the fool was using as a kitchen knife. I hate to say it, but the quality’s better than anything else I’ve got. Needless to say, I had no trouble putting it to better use. And as for Kroop, he’s friendly enough. Seems like he’d be willing to help if enoough of us were to take a stand against Mazer and his officers.
p. There was an incident in the bilge that same day. Young Jack was down there, and he was attacked by giant rats. Volunteers were called for to take care of them, and myself, Scales, Boothroyd, and oddly enough a mermaid jumped at the chance. For me, it was a chance for some excitement. Some. Better than working the kitchen all day, not that Kroop’s bad company.
p. The night after the rat incident was very good. Mara got Kroops and the quarter master, a half-orc woman called Grok, drunk enough to steal her keys. He almost got caught, but he managed to convince Necria that it was a misunderstanding. And with a little help, he was able to get Grok into a position to send her back to dreamland with his magic. From there, it was easy enought to find my gear. We Scale’s stuff as well, apparantly Mara and the lizard had some kind of deal in that regard, and from what I could see of the wizard’s haul he found some very interesting things. But Mazer is going to be very angry when he finds so much of his cargo missing, and I sure as hell aint taking the blame.


Keven Vulpec

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