Yo Ho Ho fuckers

This Cursed Ship!

Finally i had come close to finding Van Himmler, only to be ripped from my quest and forced aboard this abhorrent vessel. The arrogance they have shown in disrespecting me. Moro The Magnificent, will prove to be their undoing, As to the ship itself is quite large, but its grandeur is undercut by the horrible stench, rotting condition, and disgusting crew. Despite this, ive managed to adapt quickly to life on board, biding my time until i can manipulate my way into control. i am already owed several favors,(the halfing Rosie, Mazars personal whores, even the quatermaster) however the majority of the crew is still unbound to me which is a problem. Most of the crew are sheep who will fall in line with whoever holds the rod, however there are a few i have taken notice of.


The first, and seemingly most dangerous, is some kind of lizard man. Nicknamed “Scales” by the crew, he is a towering thing, almost seven feet and completely lacking in fear. He seems to be trying to gain control of the crew through fear. It seems i’m lucky, i can sit back and allow my work to be done for me. a few others among the crew stood out as well. i had some interaction with an undine who spent the day in the “hotbox”, the upper deck prison box. It seems he grew up on ships, however he certainly doesn’t seem to have taken to the life of a rogue. i will specify for posterity he was put there due to some error in his work. I was expected to work as well, though of course using my magic allowed me to avoid such troublesome chores. A man of my caliber is above such things after all. i must make a note to speak to some of the more outlandish crew members, theres even a merfolk among st the crew.


i was almost undone by an incident that happened the morning after i arrived. A group, sent by Necria(an infernal woman i shall enjoy tormenting for daring to touch me with a whip) attempted to bar our passage. i took a moment to consider the use of my magic, before i could act however, Scales tore the arm off one of them. They retreated, leaving their wounded comrade who was swiftly moved to the bilge. Incredibly with the help of a young man who seemed to enjoy his company, Scales managed to avoid punishment with a series of outlandish lies. Fools, they never considered what would happen when the wounded woman awoke. That night, i snuck down to the bilge. The woman lie there, unconscious by alive. i noticed the nearby porthole and knew fate was on my side. I must admit, the reptile made my job much easier by removing her arm. it only took a few quick cuts to remove the other and she fit wonderfully, the ocean swallowing her up with a sigh. Loose threads must be cut after all.


Before ending this entry i will cataloge the most recent of my successes. by manipulating the quartermaster with drink and a few spells, i was allowed unrestricted access to the treasure hold of the ship. Unfortunately i was forced to share part of my horde in order to finalize a deal between the reptile and i, as well as return items supposedly belonging to the undine. I did manage to conceal a store of magic items however, and believe i have located Mazars main hold of magically enhanced items. They are as follows.

a +1 animal bane dagger
,a +1 short sword
a masterwork warhammer,
1 scroll each of cure moderate wounds, mage armor, magic missile, scorching ray, and
summon swarm
a wand of bless weapon (16 charges).
If im lucky i can leverage these into a position of power on board. Perhaps ill allow mazar to stay in control, he would make a fine puppet after all.


Keven Keven

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